Hack Mongo

Hack Mongo is my personal blog about databases, the Go programming language, and software design. The name is a reference to Hack MySQL, another site/blog I maintained for ten years (2005-2015) while building a career with MySQL. Today, the new frontier is MongoDB, hence the new name: Hack Mongo.

The content of this site is inspired by two things. First is my job: I work at Square. Working with thousands of databases, hundreds of microservices, and engineers across the company, I’m fortunate to always have new challenges and opportunities to both learn and mentor. A lot of the posts and pages began as conversations with colleagues. Second is “the literature”: books, other blogs, articles, white papers, tech manuals, etc. I think tech careers are built upon the literature, people sharing knowledge—hacking. I hope this site contributes to the literature.


Email my first name at this domain. I am zero social media: no Facebook, no Twitter, no LinkedIn, no Instgram–nothing. Anyone with my name on social media is not me.

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